About Slack-Ma-Girdle

The most versatile band around.


You name it, we've probably done it!

01823 680523 or 01404 823083

Since 1995 we've developed a huge repertoire spanning 8 centuries. We will provide the right music to ensure that your special event is a memorable occasion.

 Most of our gigs are CEILIDHS / BARNDANCES...

...(no, we don't know the difference either!) for which we play traditional tunes from America, Ireland, Scotland, French Canada, the Shetlands, mainland Europe - and sometimes England. 

Our friendly callers, will guide even the most obstinately left-footed punters through the dances.


We also play...

...for weddings, parties, village dances, festivals, fetes, singalongs (including Christmas favourites) and wassailings. This happens mostly around Devon, with occasional forays into Somerset, Shropshire, Nottinghamshire, London and Spain (alright, perhaps Spain was a bit of a one-off, but we still talk about it!). We also have a regular fixture every year providing music for the local pantomime.


 And we play...

...in many other styles, including classical, baroque, medieval, Playford, traditional jazz, swing (Glenn Miller etc.) rock, pop and contemporary.

Slack-ma-Girdle have appeared several times at the Shrewsbury Summer Festival providing dance music from Playford to Praetorius.